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JAC CCTV is part of the JAC Technologies group of businesses. We provide online sales of our Tiandy products to both the home security consumer and business customers.

The Tiandy brand has a great reputation for being one of the Top 4 security system providers, in terms of global growth revenue and Top 11 in total global sales. These stats speak for themselves. Building out of North China, Tiandy is the largest manufacturer in that region.

These surveillance products are suited for almost all applications and are used in a wide range of environments. From sheds and farms to offices, schools and home security systems, these CCTV cameras and NVR systems are ideal for almost any customer. We even have customers using Tiandy security cameras installed in cool room fridges keeping an eye on fruit supplies!

Along with individual products, we also offer ‘bundles’ including some of the best security camera systems in the range, ensuring that you get exactly the right kit that you need for your purposes, delivered directly to your door.

Be sure to check out our Gallery to view images of our current security camera setups in action and check out our bundled products, our favorite being the Tiandy 8 Channel system.

Our DIY KITS are easy to set up and install, coming with everything you need to get going in no time at all. With great price points and excellent after sales service, we are here to help either via Live Chat or via Email.

Happy shopping!

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